Learn About...

  1. Utility Bill

    Find information on how to pay your utility bill and the billing schedule.

  2. Composting Food Scraps

    Learn how you can turn your collected food, food-soiled paper, and yard waste into garden-ready nutrient rich compost.

  3. Conserving Water

    The regional conservation program is planned and implemented in 6-year cycles, as part of Everett's comprehensive water plan, which is submitted to the Department of Health every 6 years.

  4. Trees

    The Everett Public Works Department created a tree-planting partnership program between residential and commercial property owners. Since the implementation of this program, more than 4,675 street trees have been planted in more than 20 neighborhoods throughout Everett.

  5. Safe Streets

    Learn about the City's efforts to address street-level social issues in our community.