Discounted Rates

Senior citizen & disabled discounts

Discounted rates are available to senior citizens and disabled people living on limited incomes.

To qualify, you must:
  • Own and occupy a single-family residence within the Everett city limits
  • Receive a water bill from the City of Everett
  • Be 62 years of age or older or have a permanent disability in accordance with City Ordinance No. 2398-90
  • Have an annual income under $40,000
  • Have a property tax exemption from Snohomish County
  • For an application, email us with your name and address, call us at 425-257-8999, or visit us at 3101 Cedar Street in Everett.

Low-income assistance

The City of Everett has partnered with Catholic Community Services (CCS) to administer the city’s water utility low-income assistance program for in-city, residential customers. CCS will evaluate customer applications and provide customers with referrals for other services, as appropriate. Water customers who are at imminent risk of water service disconnection should call the Everett Utilities (Water) Assistance Program line at 425-374-6394.

CCS staff are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, at the 1918 Everett Avenue location for in-person and telephone inquiries.

To qualify for the assistance program, residential customers must:

  • Live within the city limits,
  • Have a direct water service connection,
  • Have received a disconnection notice, and
  • Have a total annual household income less than or equal to 150 percent of the federal poverty level

The program is in place and available to customers. The assistance program offers qualifying customers up to $350 a year toward their utility payments -- a discount equivalent to about three months of water bills. Customers are able to apply each calendar year as necessary. There is no disability or age requirement for this program, and customers do not need to own their property to qualify.