Tree Program

The Tree Program includes trees in parking strips and city right-of-way.

The Everett Public Works Department created a tree-planting partnership program between residential and commercial property owners. Since the implementation of this program, more than 4,675 street trees have been planted in more than 20 neighborhoods throughout Everett.

Steps of the Tree Program

  1. The City of Everett purchases the tree, digs and prepares the hole.
  2. Either the property owner or Public Works staff plant the tree.
  3. The owner waters and maintains the tree.
  4. The tree becomes the property and responsibility of the property owner.
For more information, read about the tree planting process (PDF) including restrictions and regulations.

How to Request a Tree

  1. Choose a tree from the approved list of trees.
  2. Complete an application (PDF).
  3. Submit completed application it to the Public Works Department.

Review Process

The application will be reviewed by Public Works Department staff to determine if it is the right tree for the right place. The City of Everett Tree Committee and Public Works staff review the right-of-way planting standards and trees to help guide the planting of trees that fit the space available. Once the application has been approved, you will be contacted, and a planting date will be scheduled.