Tree Program

The Everett Public Works Department tree program is a tree-planting partnership program for trees planted in parking strips and City right-of way. It is a partnership between residential and commercial property owners and the City of Everett. Since the implementation of this program, more than 4,675 street trees have been planted in more than 20 neighborhoods throughout Everett.

Everett has been recognized as a "Tree City USA" since 1993. View or download information Tree City USA (PDF).

  1. How the program works
  2. How to request a tree
  3. The review process

Steps of the tree program:

  1. The City of Everett purchases the tree, digs and prepares the hole.
  2. Either the property owner or Public Works staff plant the tree.
  3. The owner waters and maintains the tree.
  4. The tree becomes the property and responsibility of the property owner.

Once planted, the owner accepts full responsibility for the continued survival and health of the tree.

For more information, view or download, getting a street tree (PDF) and tree planting process (PDF), which includes restrictions and regulations.

  1. Caring for a tree
  2. Planting a tree
  3. Pruning a tree
  4. Removing a street tree

View or download, care for a tree (PDF) for tips on tree care.

For more information on watering, weeding, fertilizing, mulching and other good maintenance practices, visit the following: