Make your mark in local parks
Smile! Discover how good it feels to lend a green thumb or helping hand.

What's your passion?
We offer a wide variety of ways to volunteer. Let's talk! Contact Cory Rettenmier at 425-257-7314 or email Cory Rettenmier.

The tool trailer
Parks now has a tool trailer available for check out for volunteer park projects. It contains shovels, rakes, gloves and everything you need for a successful volunteer clean up event.


Opportunities galore
If outdoor park projects are not your thing, think about volunteering at the Animal Shelter or the Senior Center. In the summer we love having volunteers at the Animal Farm, Jetty Island or at various park sponsored day camps. Cory Rettenmier can help you find the right fit. Contact Cory at 425-257-7314 or email Cory Rettenmier.