New Construction

New construction projects within the City of Everett require a permit for connection to the city storm drainage or the combined sanitary / storm system. Stormwater site management is a component of new construction permitting. Information for project approval and permitting can be found on the City's Permit Services website or by calling 425-257-8810.

Interim Stormwater Control Policy
The City of Everett Public Works Department has adopted an interim policy for stormwater control effective January 31, 2011. The Interim Stormwater Control Policy (PDF) is applicable to the combined storm / sanitary system in the northern portion of Everett.

Construction Wastewater & Runoff
To protect aquatic life in receiving waters, the contractor shall be responsible for disposal of all chlorinated water flushed from mains and shall neutralize the chlorine contained in the wastewater before disposal into any natural drainage channel (or feature draining to a natural channel). The contractor shall be responsible for disposing of disinfecting solutions to the satisfaction of the City Utilities Department and the Washington Department of Ecology. If approved by the City Utilities Director, disposal may be made to any available sanitary sewer, provided the rate of disposal will not overload the sewer.

Construction Stormwater General Permit

Construction site operators are required to be covered by a Construction Stormwater General Permit if they are engaged in clearing, grading, and excavating activities that disturb one or more acres and discharge stormwater to surface waters of the state. Smaller sites may also require coverage if they are part of a larger common plan of development that will ultimately disturb one acre or more. Operators of regulated construction sites are required to:
     1. Develop stormwater pollution prevention plans.
     2. Implement sediment, erosion, and pollution prevention control measures.
     3. Obtain coverage under this permit.

For more information go to Department of Ecology electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) for Construction Activity.
Non-domestic Wastewater
For any non-domestic wastewater concerns please contact the Industrial Pretreatment Division at 425-257-8240.