Starting a Business

  1. Business & Occupation Tax

    Read about the City of Everett's Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax, which is based on the gross receipts of your business and is similar to the taxation method used by the State of Washington.

  2. Business Incentives

    Read more about how the city of Everett practices a progressive, business-friendly tax policy and other business incentives, such as industry-specific tax breaks and location-based tax deferrals.

  3. Business License

    Find information on the city's business license requirement for all persons engaging in business within the city limits of Everett.

  4. Comprehensive Plan

    The comprehensive plan is the policy document that will guide the growth of the City until 2025.

  5. Zoning Code

    The City’s land-use regulations can be found in Title 2.23, Land Use Hearing Examiner; Title 15, Local Project Review Procedures; Title 18, Land Division; Title 19, Zoning; and Title 20.04, Environmental Policy in the Everett Municipal Code (EMC).

  6. Construction Codes

    Learn about Everett's adopted building and construction codes.

  7. Fire Codes and Standards

    The Everett Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office works closely with design professionals, contractors, building owners and managers, and event promoters to ensure compliance with all fire codes and standards.