Health & Safety

State Health Regulations

Children who are not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers with rubber pants over the top. Small children should be taken to the bathroom often to avoid pool contamination.


Persons with an infectious illness including vomiting or diarrhea within the last 14 days should not enter the pool.

Dry Sauna & Hot Tub Precautions

General admission allows for dry sauna and hot tub use for ages 16+ years. The hot tub temperature is 100-102o F.

Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant or taking medications.

Open Swim

Children 6 and 7 years old may participate in open swim by wearing a life jacket and must remain in the shallow area of the pool. Parents must be present in the facility. Children 8 and older may participate in open swim without being accompanied by an adult.

Family Swim

A family is defined as up to two adults and no more than a total of five people who live in the same household. Children 15 years and under must be accompanied into the water by an adult 18+ years. Required: 1 adult per 2 children.

Parent & Tot Swim

Monday-Thursday, 6-8:30am for children 12 and under. Children must be accompanied in the water by an adult and must be supervised at all times. Rope swing and diving board may not be available.

Lap Swim Etiquette

Share lanes using circle swimming and speed guidelines. Children 12-16 years may participate ONLY when accompanied by an adult into the water. If not accompanied by an adult, children 12-16 years may ONLY use the lap lane during open swim.