Facilities & Property Management

Facilities Management is a technical support group that provides management, administration, and maintenance for City of Everett buildings and property.

Facilities Divisions

Administration - The Administration Division provides quality internal support services to ensure coordinated, accountable, efficient, and cost effective use of resources.

Facilities Maintenance - This division performs routine repairs, preventive maintenance programs for major equipment and building components, and completes remodels on a limited basis.

Custodial Services - This division provides safe, clean, and a well-maintained atmosphere in which to conduct public business.

Project Management - Project management activities include planning and oversight of construction projects, as well as manage related contracts with architects, engineers, and construction companies.

Real Property Management - Real Property Management is responsible for all real estate related functions for the City of Everett. These functions include real property acquisitions and real property rights, (i.e., fee simple, easements, rights of entry, slopes, permits, licenses, etc.).

Real Property Management is responsible for revenue and acquisition lease negotiations, lease preparation, asset management, as well as the marketing and auctioning of surplus property or property rights. This division also administers the street and alley vacation procedures.

Our Mission

To provide our customers, those who directly serve the public, timely, reliable, professional service, in an environment based on teamwork, respect and integrity.