Economic Development

Everett is an important part of the evolving Central Puget Sound metropolitan area and an important urban concentration on its own.  Everett has several advantages for businesses such as an excellent transportation system, an international seaport, tremendous quality of life resources and an attractive business climate.

We have a large inventory of industrial land area to provide space for new industry as well as a large supply of underdeveloped land zoned for higher density commercial, residential or mixed use which provides opportunity for businesses to establish, relocate and grow.  

Everett is committed to helping companies take root and thrive in our urban center. Our Economic Development Department is a valuable resource to your enterprise.

The Economic Development Department can assist in:

  • Location and relocation assistance
  • Real estate market evaluation
  • Critical infrastructure consultation
  • Facilitation of project permitting
  • Important utility information
News and Announcements
  NW Innovation Resource Center
The NW Innovation Resource Center assists entrepreneurs and inventors create the strategies they need to evaluate their ideas and obtain the resources they need to bring the ideas to life.  They work with the City of Everett and EASC to identify resources in the business community that will aid the entrepreneur along the path from idea to reality.  Their Enterprise Program assists the entrepreneur from innovative idea to startup business.  The BuildIt Program helps inventors develop their product and get it to the market.  

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