Primary Goals

  • No net loss of forest health or tree canopy on the city's public lands in the short term
  • A measurable gain in canopy and health in the long term

Current Goals

  • Review / make recommendations on City Tree Policy, plans, development and improvement projects as they take shape
  • Expand and update Tree Committee presence and tree-related information on the city's website
  • Identify and recognize an Everett business every month for properly caring for their green infrastructure
  • Write a State of the Urban Forest report every year for city departments, elected officials and public distribution
  • Review and give input on City projects and plans to:
    • Incorporate native vegetation as appropriate in public places
    • Diversify tree species on city streets and gateways as much as is practical
  • Participate in Everett's Sorticulture Event to raise awareness of benefits and importance of urban trees, the free tree-planting program and how to properly care for trees

Short-Term Goals

  • Expand the public's awareness of and participation in annual Arbor Day / week events in April
  • Research / write article for planning magazines and journals on Right Tree / Right Place
  • Update the city's Recommended Tree List for commercial, residential, street and open space planting areas
  • Educate residents about Right Tree / Right Place, how to get trees, remove trees, etc. by attending neighborhood meetings and giving other public presentations
  • Implement Right Plant / Right Place guidelines for commercial plantings rather than existing planting formula guidelines
  • Work with the Snohomish County Economic Development Council and the Sustainable Development Task Force to make businesses more aware of the strong economic benefits of trees

Long Term Goals

  • Increase evergreen and deciduous tree canopy within Everett's Urban Growth Boundary
  • Assist in forming volunteer stewardship groups to remove invasive species and plant native plants in city parks and other natural environments (approach neighborhood groups)
  • Restore the native evergreen / deciduous understory in city-owned natural environments
  • Become more pro-active in the planning and planting phases for the downtown core, waterfront and entry areas of Everett (Comprehensive Plan)
  • Encourage businesses and commercial property owners to plant appropriate trees / native vegetation on site, especially needed in strip malls, shopping malls, downtown, etc. (give input to City Zoning requirements)
  • Explore the establishment of, and funding possibilities for, a dedicated Tree Maintenance Crew to properly maintain downtown and business corridor trees and landscaping
  • Encourage integration of Low Impact Development (LID) techniques in city policies, plans and projects
  • Encourage implementation appropriate LID techniques in new construction and developments (i.e. landscape with native plants; pervious concrete for parking lots, sidewalks, driveways; keep runoff on site with bioswales, rain gardens, underground tanks, etc.)