Charter Review Committee


The City's Charter Review Committee is a group of 15 appointed volunteers tasked with reviewing the city's charter. The Charter is the City's constitution. It outlines how the city's legislative, judicial and executive branches operate. The City's charter was originally adopted in 1968.

The Charter was last updated in 2006. In January, the Mayor and City Council designated 14 members of the decennial 2016 Charter Review Committee. The fifteenth member was chosen by the Committee when it convened on February 11. The purpose of the Committee is to examine and evaluate the Charter, take public input and provide a written recommendation to the Mayor and City Council as to whether the Charter should be revised and, if so, identify the specific sections of the Charter to be changed, with an explanation as to the need for the revisions and the recommended changes. In order for a recommendation to amend a particular section of the Charter to be forwarded to the Mayor and the City Council, the recommendation must have a favorable vote of at least ten (10) members. Recommendations adopted by the City Council will be sent to voters for final approval in the November 2016 election.

The Committee has completed its work, and its final report was transmitted to the Mayor and City Council on May 26, 2016. You can view the report (PDF).

Public input was important to this process. Two hearings took place where the public provided testimony. Public comments were also received online.


  • Christopher Adams
  • Clair Olivers
  • Terrie Battuello
  • Megan Dunn
  • Reid Shockey
  • Angie Sievers
  • Dave Koenig
  • Michael Swanson
  • Erica Temple
  • Jo Metzger-Levin
  • Michael Trujillo
  • Tom Norcott
  • Walter White
  • Jim Langus
  • Mark Nesse