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Statement on Everett's 2023-2024 rate amendment

Utility rates pay for the utility service, which includes drinking water delivered to taps and sewer and stormwater being removed from property and treated, as well as the ongoing work to maintain and improve the systems that make service possible, like pipes, tanks, pumps and treatment plants. In response to historic inflation on the cost of maintaining the Utility’s systems, Everett’s City Council passed an amendment to the 2021-24 rate ordinance on Nov. 30, 2022, that will allow the Utility to maintain the most critical infrastructure with as minimal increase to the rates as possible. 

More information about the rate amendment is available. 

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For information about third-party insurance related to utility infrastructure on private property, contact the Washington Office of Insurance Commissioner at 1-800-562-6900.

Please note: The City of Everett is responsible for and maintains sewer lines in the city public right of way. Within the Everett city limits (map opens in new tab), per city ordinance 14.08.260, private property owners are responsible for the integrity and maintenance of side sewers outside of the city right of way and any materials they discharge into the sewer up to the sewer main.