Strategic Initiatives

Implementing strategies & achieving objectives

The Everett Police Department leadership group convenes at the beginning of every year to establish the high-level goals for the department. The creation of these guidelines gives us a roadmap for the upcoming year as we deploy our resources. The department’s 2024 strategic initiatives expand on goals from previous years, create new goals and challenge us to keep improving in critical areas.  

The strategic initiatives are shared with every member of the Everett Police Department, but also with other city departments, city administration, city council and the community. We want these groups to hold us accountable to reaching each of the goals outlined in the initiatives. We believe this helps us meet our mission: Working in partnership with our community to enhance quality of life and reduce crime. Throughout 2024 we will keep track of our progress in each area and provide the necessary support to complete each goal by the end of the year.

Message from the Chief

The strategic initiative process provides me with a way to help focus our police department on the community’s most critical problems in meaningful ways. The initiatives provide clear direction to staff, so they understand our goals and ensure we are all pulling in the same direction. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish in 2023 and equally enthusiastic to see how we are going to build on those successes in 2024.

Everett residents have a police department that pays attention to their needs and works hard to create an environment where community members and visitors feel safe. Continuing to focus on recruitment and retention, addressing violent crime and contributing to the Mayor’s Drug Crisis Task Force are all important ways to maintain the exceptional service the public has come to expect.

Click here to see our 2024 Strategic Initiatives.



John DeRousse
Chief of Police

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