Strategic Initiatives

Implementing strategies & achieving objectives

The Everett Police Department’s 2023 Strategic Initiatives clearly define our goals and direct our organizational priorities in the upcoming year. These projects and initiatives are critical to our success as an organization and were developed in collaboration with the community and our employees. We believe it represents a valid reflection of our internal and external stakeholders' concerns and priorities.

As a cohesive organization, we are fully committed to implementing the strategies and achieving the goals identified in our strategic initiatives document and look forward to ongoing dialogue with our community to gauge our progress and achievements. The department is acutely aware that collaboration is a vital component of not only our success, but the overall quality of life and safety of our community and its residents.

Message from the Chief

Through hard work and commitment of staff, we were able to achieve successful outcomes on all 4 strategic initiatives identified for 2022. These initiatives focused on transparency, accountability and our ongoing commitment to ensure EPD remains a leader in the law enforcement profession.

Looking ahead, we must continue to engage in the work necessary to overcome our challenges as a community, while also addressing the internal needs of our department. The impact of the past three years on our workforce has been substantial and shaped many of our priorities for 2023. Staffing challenges and a record number of retirements leaves us looking for innovative ways to recruit and retain staff, with a focus towards employee wellness.  At the same time, increased violence, particularly involving firearms, and lower-level street crime issues have impacted the safety and quality of life for all of our residents and businesses.  The pursuit of policing solutions that allow for the most efficient and effective delivery of public safety services is paramount and this year includes the development of an implementation plan for the recommendations contained in EPD’s recently completed assessment.  And as many of us have seen from incidents across the country, the law enforcement profession continues to face trust and transparency issues in some communities.  We are fortunate to have developed a high level of trust with our community and will remain laser-focused on maintaining that trust through positive and collaborative relationships with all residents in our community.  

I am encouraged by the potential I see in 2023 and I want to assure our community that the Everett Police Department remains committed to being an innovative, professional and progressive public safety agency that strives to serve our residents as part of a system that is fair, just and equitable.

With that, I am happy to share with you the Everett Police Department’s 2023 Strategic Initiatives.


Dan Templeman
Chief of Police