Environmental Lab

The City of Everett Environmental Laboratory is part of the Environmental Quality Division whose purpose is to help the City plan for and respond to public health and environmental issues. The main function of the Environmental Laboratory (EEL) is to provide City staff and all other clients with the high quality data they need to make informed decisions and maintain regulatory compliance.

EEL is located in the south end of the WPCF Administration Building on Smith Island. View our map and driving directions (PDF).
Tests & Prices
Among the analyses routinely performed are trace metals, nutrients, conventional chemical and physical parameters (BOD, TSS, etc.), and bacterial testing.

View a list of routinely performed analyses and their costs (PDF).

Sample Testing
Volume discounts are available for large batches of samples. Please be aware that many analyses have special requirements for sampling containers and sampling technique or limited holding times prior to analysis. We will provide the correct bottles and instructions for sampling and transport.

Our clients within the City include the Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF), the Water Filtration Plant, Surface Water Management, and Biosolids Management. We also provide analysis and are a technical resource for other municipalities, water and sewer districts, private water systems, and individuals.

The lab is accredited by the Washington Department of Ecology and the Washington Department of Health to perform analyses under the regulations administered by these agencies. The laboratory analysts are experienced in a wide range of sampling and testing methods for both water and solids. Each analyst has at minimum a 4-year degree in chemistry, biology, microbiology, or environmental science and all have years of experience with environmental testing in government and private sector laboratories.

Analysis Methods
All testing is done using approved methods of analysis. Procedures are documented through Standard Operating Procedures and the Laboratory’s Quality Assurance Plan. All data is reviewed by the Quality Assurance Officer and entered into the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to ensure your data will always be safe and readily available for future reference.