The Everett Police Department is a state-accredited agency under the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) Program. Everett Police received its first accreditation in 1990.

The Everett Police Department is committed to operating under industry best practices and established professional standards. The WASPC accreditation process requires compliance with approximately 133 standards in order to achieve successful completion. The process must be repeated every 4 years to maintain accredited status by WASPC.

Benefits of Accreditation
  • Increased public confidence in the agency
  • Increase credibility
  • Provide a systemized agency self-assessment
  • Broaden perspectives
  • Intensify administrative and operational effectiveness
  • Ensure recruitment, selection, and promotion processes are fair and equitable
  • Strengthen understanding of agency policies and procedures by agency personnel
  • Improve agency morale and pride
  • Decrease susceptibility to litigation and costly civil court settlements
  • Potentially reduce liability insurance costs
  • Provide state and local recognition of professional competence
The department's participation in this process sends a positive message to the community that the Everett Police Department is committed to providing services of the highest quality.