The Investigations Division works to bring to justice all those who, by their deeds, would attempt to bring harm to our community. Investigators work closely with victims of crimes and local prosecutors.

The Investigations Division is divided into separate units that follow-up on major incidents and prepare cases for presentation in court.

Contact the division for general investigations questions.
  1. Criminal Intelligence
  2. Financial Crimes
  3. Forensic Imaging
  4. Major Crimes

The Criminal Intelligence Unit collects, organizes, analyzes, maintains and disseminates information on activities and operations of individuals, associates or groups suspected of, or involved in, criminal activity. This Unit works with other units, divisions and law enforcement agencies to prevent and discourage the presence of organized criminal activities within the community.

  1. Property Crimes
  2. Special Assault
  3. Traffic Safety

The Property Crimes Unit focuses on the crimes of theft, burglary, possession of stolen property, fraud, acts of vandalism and arson. Working closely with other personnel throughout the police department and the community, the unit strives to identify those responsible for these acts, pursue successful prosecution, recover property and enable restitution for victims.