Block Watch

Block Watch is one of the most effective methods to stop crime in neighborhoods because small groups are the foundation of crime prevention and the stepping stones to community revitalization.

Everett Police believes in "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" and facilitates Block Watch groups so law enforcement and residents can work together to improve safety and prevent crime. Safety improves when people look out for each other and report suspicious activity or crimes as they occur.

Three Program Requirements

Active Member List

 Provide contact information so group members can contact each other for neighborhood concerns. Information should include: Name, address, phone number and email.

Operation Identification

Operation ID is a burglary prevention program where individuals record and store information about their personal property. This discourages burglary and helps facilitate property return if it does occur.

  • Photograph and document personal property to include brand name and serial numbers.
  • Store information, along with purchase receipts, in a safe location.
  • Display Operation ID stickers near exterior doors and windows.

Quarterly Meetings

  • Meet with neighbors quarterly to maintain relationships.
  • Community BBQ's
  • Holiday events
  • Ice cream socials