City council & Council Committee Meeting Information

Council Priorities Info

Everett City Council meets weekly on Wednesdays in the City Council Chambers. During meetings, City Councilmembers and the Mayor discuss and establish policies, determine goals, objectives and direction for city services and adopt annual operating budgets for all City of Everett departments.

Everett City Councilmembers:

City Council Meetings: Time & Location

Every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
City Council Chambers
3002 Wetmore Avenue
Everett, WA  98201

Everett City Council Committees meet monthly on Wednesdays in the City Council Chambers from 5-6 p.m. Budget Committee meets on an as-needed basis. The meeting consists of City Councilmembers, as well as staff liaisons from various city of Everett departments. During Council Committee meetings, Councilmembers are briefed and given an opportunity to ask pertinent questions on matters to be scheduled on a future agenda. 

Council Committee Meetings: Times & Location

Monthly on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. (Budget Committee meets on as-needed basis)
City Council Chambers
3002 Wetmore Avenue
Everett, WA  98201

Everett Council Committees:

Public Comments (City Council Meetings Only) 

All Everett City Council regular meetings are conducted using a hybrid format that permits the public to attend in-person virtually. Public comments can also be submitted to council by emailing

There are multiple opportunities for the public to provide in-person or remote public comments. To sign up for in-person public comment, arrive at City Council Chambers before the meeting begins and complete the public comment form. For virtual comment, sign up online by 6 p.m. on the day of the council meeting to receive a Zoom link and phone number. All public comments in all formats are limited to three minutes. 

NOTE: The public may attend Council Committee meetings, but comments are not permitted.

Agenda & Minutes

Everett City Council agendas are posted and available for public viewing prior to the meeting each week. Agendas are posted in the main lobby of City Hall (3002 Wetmore Ave.), on the City of Everett website and published in the Everett Herald.

After each City Council meeting, the minutes are transcribed, approved by Council and maintained in the City Clerk's Office. Council meeting minutes can be found here. These minutes contain general meeting information and record-specific actions taken by the Council.

Television Broadcast

 Everett City Council meetings are recorded for rebroadcast on government-access cable.  


  • Comcast channel 21
  • Frontier channel 29


  • Monday and Tuesday - Noon 
  • Thursday - 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. 
  • Friday and Sunday - 7 p.m. 
  • Saturday - 10 a.m. 

Additional Resources

The City of Everett does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admission or access to, or treatment in, its programs or activities. Requests for assistance or accommodations can be arranged by contacting the Everett City Council office at 425-257-8703.