Violations Hearing Examiner

If an ordinance or regulation is being violated, a Code Enforcement Officer will issue a violation citation. The violation citation may be issued to the property owner, to the tenants / occupants or to both.

After Receiving Citation

The violation citation will describe the regulation that is being violated and the corrective action that needs to be taken. If the corrective action is not completed, the person(s) to whom the citation is directed must appear at a hearing before the City's Violations Hearing Examiner. Costs, fines and other penalties may be assessed at this time. Penalties will typically be increased for repeat violators.

In addition, the Violations Hearing Examiner may issue an order requiring the work be completed by a specific date. If the work still isn't done, the City can then take action against the violator. If costs, penalties and costs of abatement are not paid, they can be collected in a variety of ways, including a lien against the property.

Request for Reconsideration

Any party may request that the Violations Hearing Examiner reconsider a decision by completing a Request for Reconsideration form with the Examiner no later than 7 calendar days from the date the decision is issued. Requests for Reconsideration shall be limited to allegations of factual errors or mistakes of law, and limited new evidence.

A final decision of the Hearing Examiner may be appealed to Superior Court within 21 days of the issuance of an order in accordance with RCW 36.70(C).

Request for an ADA Accommodation

If you are scheduled to appear before the Hearings Examiner and would like to request an ADA accommodation, please submit the ADA Accommodation form and submit at least two weeks prior to your hearing date. Submission of forms is accomplished via email. If you have questions you can email the Hearings Examiner Clerk.