Graffiti Program

Report graffiti by calling the Code Enforcement Unit at 425-257-8560 or submitting a completed Complaint form.  For tips on preventing graffiti on your property or in the community, refer to the "Graffiti Prevention" link on the right. The gang unit of the Everett Police Department, is notified of all graffiti tagging activity. You may contact the Washington State Department of Transportation at to report graffiti along any Washington State interstate or state routes.  City of Everett ordinances make graffiti removal the responsibility of property owners. However, the City offers a graffiti removal program at no cost to residential property owners. If you do not wish to participate in the City’s program, you will be required to remove the graffiti per Everett Municipal Code (EMC) 8.20.020.  

The most efficient prevention to future incidents of graffiti is the immediate removal of the letters, symbols, or message.  As a deterrent against graffiti on unfinished masonry, wood, or glass, a clear coat of an “Anti-Graffiti” product, which can be purchased from most major paint companies, can be applied.

Graffiti Removal Program

Single-Family and Duplex residential properties hit by graffiti may be eligible to participate in the Graffiti Removal Program which provides assistance to property owners by removing graffiti at no cost. To be eligible for the program, graffiti must be publicly visible. 

Upon receipt of a signed graffiti removal waiver, graffiti tagging is typically scheduled to be removed within 48 hours, however, inclement weather (rain, snow, severe cold or heat) could delay the removal of the tagging.  If reported tagging is removed by the property owner(s) prior to the city abating it, please alert the Code Enforcement Unit so the work is not scheduled with the contractor.  The painting contractor uses paint to cover the graffiti tagging.

Program Goals

  • Discourages future tagging
  • Maintains quality neighborhoods
  • Promotes swift removal of graffiti

To participate in the program: