Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Each year since 1976, the City of Everett has received funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This funding comes in the form of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The Citizens Advisory Committee reviews the annual applications and makes funding recommendations to City Council.

  1. 2022 Program Year
  2. 2021 Program Year
  3. 2020 - 2024 Consolidated Plan
  4. 2020 Analysis of Impediments
  5. Eligible Projects
  6. Program Year

Public Notice:

The City of Everett’s Citizens Advisory Committee will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 16th, 2022 at 4 p.m. The Committee will meet to review funding application proposals for 2022 Supplemental Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) award allocations for Non-Public Service projects. The meeting will include a public hearing, in which a formal funding recommendation will be made to present to City Council at a later time.

The Committee will also present the 2021 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) and identify the community priority needs for 2023. Community needs will set the priorities for 2023 funding awards for CDBG funds, HOME Program funds, 2060 Affordable Housing Trust Funds (AHTF), and Human Needs funds.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS HEARING WILL BE HYBRID WITH AN OPTION OF ATTENDING IN PERSON OR VIRTUALLY. If attending in person, please arrive at the Everett Municipal Building at 2930 Wetmore Avenue no later than 3:50 p.m. – access is locked after this time and we will be unable to accommodate you. Staff will escort attendees to the Hearing Examiner room on the 8th floor. For information on how to attend or view the meeting virtually/remotely, please visit Citizens Advisory Committee.

Public comments will be accepted until 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. Public comments must be submitted in writing to Vicki Dorway at [email protected].

Further information on the funding sources can be found online at Federal and Municipal Funding.


The City of Everett was notified it will receive $823,991 in CDBG funds from HUD for the 2022 program year which starts July 1, 2022. 

A public hearing and meeting of the City of Everett’s Citizens Advisory Committee was held on November 16, 2021. The Committee made funding recommendations which were followed by a formal public comment period from November 22 through December 23, 2021. The 2022 Annual Action Plan is available for review.

On March 2nd the Everett City Council adopted a Resolution supporting 2022 CDBG, AHTF and HOME funding allocations. The Resolution is established as the 2022 Annual Action Plan submission to HUD. 

The 2021 Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) will be available for review and public comment in mid-August.

For information on funding sources please visit Federal & Municipal Funding.