About Evergreen

The Evergreen Neighborhood Association has hosted local activities and monthly meetings for the area’s neighbors and local businesses. At this time, the association is seeking new volunteers to support neighborhood meetings. Past meetings have included guest speakers, reports from city staff and police, information on neighborhood events and school updates. Want to help? Contact the Office of Neighborhoods. 

Evergreen Homes

Homes in the area are primarily single-family houses in a variety of styles, ages and sizes. Condominiums and apartment buildings can be found on the north and south sides of Beverly Lake. The area is distinguished by its beautiful groupings of large evergreen trees. A park located at Madison and Morgan provides open space for the community to enjoy.  Evergreen Middle School serves the area. 

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  • North - Madison Street
  • East - Evergreen Way
  • South - Highway 526
  • West - Hardeson Road and Sievers-Ducey Road

Meeting Information

Evergreen neighborhood is seeking new volunteers to coordinate and plan their future events meetings. No meetings are currently being held, however, there are opportunities for volunteers to share the tasks involved in keeping the association active. Contact the Office of Neighborhoods to participate.