The Planning Department promotes the community’s vision to accommodate quality growth, consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the Unified Development Code. The department includes Long Range and Land Use Planning, and Historic Preservation


The planning department is almost always working on at least one project that would amend the city’s development regulations, also known as the Unified Development Code. 

Everett 2044: Planning our future togetherLearn more about the ongoing update to the City's Comprehensive Plan -   Everett 2044 and get involved.  

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  1. Notice of Application

    Proposition to revise SPU14-007 to construct 21,400 +/- square foot gymnasium, replacing existing track, plus associated infrastructure. The gym is also proposed to exceed maximum of height of 28 feet to maximum height of 35 feet as allowed... Read on...
  2. Notice of Application

    The applicant proposes to remodel the Beverly Village Apartments clubhouse to be a residential living space bringing the number of residential units on the property to 61. A parking modification request is also under consideration. Additional Info...
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