Monte Cristo Awards

The Monte Cristo Awards were postponed - stay tuned for updates!

If you have any questions, you can reach the community volunteers who are managing the Monte Cristo Awards by sending email to

Join the coalition of community volunteers from across Everett who coordinate Monte Cristo Awards. The committee will be collecting nominations next year, selecting the award recipients and planning the Monte Cristo Awards event. 

You can help by scouting around your neighborhood now, for possible neighborhood homes or business nominees. Spring is here with lovely landscapes all over! Everett homes are looking great!

4 Monte Cristo Categories

There are 4 award categories:

  • Green Gardening - This award is given to homeowners who have implemented natural or green gardening practices.
  • Neighborhood Friendly Business - This award is given to businesses that rate high in overall visual quality from the street view.
  • Pride of the Neighborhood - Homes and yards that consistently look their best deserve this award.
  • Rejuvenation and Transformation - These are residential properties that have changed for the better, transformed by the owners to be a visual asset.

Marian Krell Award

The Marian Krell Award honors a prior Monte Cristo award recipient who has excelled in the maintenance of their property over several years time. The winners of this award are chosen by the Office of Neighborhoods director, for exceptional care and attractiveness of their home and landscape. The award is named for the late Marian Krell, former director of the Office of Neighborhoods, who helped residents launch the Monte Cristo Awards.


Created in 1994 by a committee of residents working with the Office of Neighborhoods, the Monte Cristo Awards recognize neighbors who help make Everett special by taking pride in their property. The awards inspire other neighbors to improve their homes and landscapes. Business owners are recognized for the visual street appeal of their business locations. In 2019, the Monte Cristo Awards became a community led activity. A coalition of community volunteers coordinate the awards event and choose award winners from properties that have been nominated by the community. Recipients are recognized at the awards event in October, organized by community volunteers. 

Launching the project

The idea began when 3 members of the Council of Neighborhoods were inspired to develop the award after attending a national Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) conference. They collaborated to develop the criteria and methods for selecting winners. Marian Krell, Director of the Office of Neighborhoods at that time, worked with the 3 residents to launch the award project.