Construction Projects

  1. 41st Street Freight Mobility Improvements

    This project will improve a significant freight corridor in Everett, benefiting commercial vehicle mobility and pedestrian safety. The Port of Everett’s continued growth has created increased demand for freight capacity between the Port’s south terminal and Interstate 5. This project will facilitate the movement of freight traffic utilizing this corridor.

  2. Broadway Avenue Water Main Replacement

    This project will replace a 1,400 foot segment of 12-inch cast iron water pipe that was installed in the 1950s and has experienced several breaks over the past five years.

  3. Grand Avenue Park Bridge

    This will be a multi-purpose bridge that will provide an above-ground utility crossing and a pedestrian crossing between the park and the waterfront.

  4. Hayes St. Regulator & CSO Controls

    This project is designed to help Everett meet its regulatory limit for discharges of combined sewer overflow (CSO) to the Snohomish River by increasing the flows to the Everett Water Pollution Control Facility for treatment.

  5. Legion Golf Course Stormwater Detention

    The pond network on the Legion Memorial Golf Course offers cost effective stormwater detention—a place to put storm runoff from City streets and alleys from Everett Community College and from the golf course. A new separate storm drainage network will be constructed in this area primarily to reduce or eliminate area basement and surface flooding and to help the environment by reducing combined sewer overflows into the Snohomish River.

  6. North Wetmore Stormwater Separation

    This project is located in the Northwest neighborhood and includes construction of a separated storm drainage collection system that will convey stormwater flows to detention ponds on the Legion Memorial Golf Course site. This is part of the comprehensive effort to eliminate chronic basement flooding and surface and stormwater flooding in north Everett.

  7. Service Center Redevelopment

    Learn more about the Service Center Redevelopment project.

  8. Sewer Regulator Modification

    Modification of sewer regulators in two locations.

  9. Sewer System Improvements M, Phase 2

    The primary objective of this project is to address chronic basement flooding problems.

  10. Smith Island / Union Slough Restoration

    The Smith Island and Union Slough restoration project will restore the riverine and tidal influence to 93 acres of intertidal riverine habitat.

  11. Summer Street Paving in Everett

    Street resurfacing is scheduled at various locations in Everett beginning Monday, June 5, and continuing through July. Crews will grind down and remove old pavement, install new traffic detection wires, and repave and restripe the roadway.