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To report water, sewer, road or traffic control problems, (including potholes), call City of Everett

24/7 dispatch 425-257-8821 or submit a service request online.

The services provided by Everett Public Works are diverse and the level of services needed is related to past, current and projected future growth as well as to various federal, state, county and city laws and regulations. Development and population size impact the number of permits we issue, the amount of water we deliver, the amount of sewage our sewer system carries & cleans, the number of utility customers we serve, the amount of traffic on the city's streets and bridges and how we maintain them, and the amount of stormwater flows within the Everett city limits.

To learn about our services and systems scroll through the tabs.

  1. Sewer system
  2. Streets
  3. Surface water
  4. Water system
  5. Utility services

View Everett's sewer system webpage for information about the sewer system, the wastewater treatment plant, called the Everett Water Pollution Control Facility, the Environmental lab and about the Industrial pretreatment program.

  1. Permit services
  2. Traffic engineering
  3. Transportation engineering

View our permit services webage for information about permits and to schedule an inspection.