PROCUREMENT - Bid Opportunities

The Procurement Division is responsible for procurement of goods and services on behalf of the City of Everett as governed by the City Council. Procurement strives to maintain the quality and integrity of the city’s purchasing system and maximize the purchasing value of the City of Everett’s dollars.

Procurement also works to assure fair and equitable treatment to all who do business with the City, and handles the City’s surplus items through auction or recycling in accordance with state law and City Charter.

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Supplier Registration - Bids and Services

Everett Procurement, Information, and Contracts (EPIC) is the City's supplier registration and notification portal. EPIC provides suppliers with automatic email notifications of new opportunities when a solicitation is posted. 


There are no upcoming bids at this time.

Previous bid openings:

Opened June 21, 2022: Water Filter Plant Emergency Generator Replacement

Opened June 14, 2022: Silver Lake Trail Project and Police Firing Range Bullet Trap Replacement

Opened May 24, 2022: Interurban Trail to YMCA Pedestrian Improvements #UP 3749

Opened May 3, 2022: Water Main Replacement "W" #UP 3766 and Inductive Charging Infrastructure for Everett Transit

Opened April 26, 2022: Shore Avenue Force Main #UP 3734

Opened March 15, 2022: #3764 2022 Pavement Maintenance Overlay

Opened February 15, 2022: #UP 3747 Everegreen Pump Station Modifications

Opened January 25, 2022: #UT 3752-30 2022 Biosolids Removal and Disposal 

Opened January 4, 2022: #2021-105 Graffiti Removal Services

Opened December 7, 2021: Port of Everett Combined Sewer Main Improvements #UP3768 and #UP 3774 2022 Tulalip Water Pipeline Mortar Repair

Opened November 23, 2021: Rotary Park Renovation #2021-072

Opened November 2, 2021: IFB #2021-065 Water Treatment Chemicals

Opened October 12, 2021:  IFB #2021-021 On-Call Bus Shelter Glass Replacement and IFB #2021-052 On-Call Commercial Diving Services

Opened August 10, 2021: #2021-010 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition (HVAC) Maintenance & Repair Services

Emergency Declarations: