Outdoor Multipurpose Facility Project

Due to new requirements from Major League Baseball, the Everett AquaSox, the city's minor league baseball team, will need an updated or new stadium facility. The City of Everett is currently exploring the feasibility of different options that will ensure the AquaSox remain part of the community for generations to come. 

What’s happening now

The City of Everett SEPA Responsible Official has determined the City of Everett Outdoor Multipurpose Facility Project proposal is likely to have a significant adverse impact on the environment and issued a Determination of Significance (DS) on January 18, 2024. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is required under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). 

The Scoping Notice was issued on January 18, 2024.  Scoping is the first step in the EIS process and includes an opportunity for public comment. The deadline for submitting comments is February 20, 2024, at 4:30 PM PST.


The City of Everett and Snohomish County are partnering with the owners of the Everett AquaSox to lead a public-private effort to develop and operate a new outdoor multi-purpose facility located in the City of Everett. The facility will serve as the home field for the Everett AquaSox Minor League Baseball (MiLB) team. It will meet the new MiLB facility standards required for a High-A Minor League baseball stadium that provides 2,800-3,200 fixed seats for baseball fans. The facility is also intended to provide other amenities and serve other programs, such as: 

    Use as a baseball stadium for high school, college and/or tournaments;
    Conversion to an “amphitheater” setting that can seat up to 5,000 for concerts and community events; and 
    Use as a public park with amenities suitable for anticipated growth in Everett. 

The city expects that a multipurpose facility of this type will occupy a footprint of approximately 8 acres before parking. Sufficient parking should be provided or available within comfortable walking distance or robust public transportation should be available to serve the facility. The facility would be built and operated to be inclusive and accessible, with a broad range of affordable use opportunities. It should also be built in a location that creates the strongest possible economic multiplier impact on the surrounding real estate, businesses, and venues.


The city is proposing to evaluate three alternatives in the EIS. 

No Action Alternative

The No Action Alternative serves as the baseline condition for comparison with the other Alternatives. It describes the impacts that would occur if the proposed project does not proceed. Under the No Action Alternative, the existing Funko Field Site (see below) would remain unchanged resulting in the high likelihood that the Everett AquaSox Team would be relocated.

Alternative 1: Funko Field Action Alternative

The Funko Field Alternative is located approximately 3/4 mile south of Downtown Everett, directly west and adjacent to the Broadway and I-5 Corridors. The site is owned by the Everett School District. The site includes the Everett School District Administrative offices, Funko Field, Everett Memorial Stadium, and shared parking facilities. It is the current home of the Everett AquaSox as well as Everett School District high school sports teams and Everett Community College’s baseball team. The site is bordered by single family detached housing to the north and west, the Broadway and I-5 corridor to the east, and 41st Street to the south. Under this alternative, it is assumed that Everett Memorial Stadium and the School District office will remain. With these assumptions in mind, approximately 7 acres is available in which to construct the project. To provide additional space, procurement of the 0.77 Acre property at the southwest corner of Broadway and 38th Street would need to be considered.

Alternative 1

Alternative 2: Downtown Site Action Alternative

The Downtown Site is located on the eastern edge of Everett’s downtown core, directly adjacent and east of the Angel of the Winds Arena, and approximately ½ mile west of the I-5 Corridor. The site is currently utilized by a mix of commercial businesses including light industrial, distribution, retail, restaurant, and office. The site is bordered by Broadway Ave to the west, Hewitt Avenue to the north, a rail line to the east, and Pacific Avenue to the south. The site is approximately 12.5 acres in size. The site is currently comprised of 28 privately-owned parcels. In addition to the privately-owned properties, existing public rights-of-ways (ROWs) for McDougall Avenue, Wall Street and Paine Ave would need to be vacated to accommodate the Downtown Site Alternative.

Alternative 2