Safe Streets for All

City of Everett Safety Action Plan

This focus of the Safety Action Plan will be safety for all roadway users and reduction or elimination of roadway fatalities and serious injuries. The City of Everett’s plan will promote the idea that traffic deaths are preventable and there should be integration of human failure into solutions. The Safety Action Plan is to be created with a Vision Zero mindset and systemic approach to safety.

This project will help identify feasible roadway safety improvement projects and strategies within the study area. The final Safety Action Plan is to be focused on all roadway users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transport users, motorists, personal conveyance and micro mobility users and commercial vehicle operators.

The safety action plan will require a comprehensive data driven approach to effectively evaluate a list of strategies, policy changes, and projects for adoption by the City for future planning and outcomes of the six-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). Robust data collection and analysis of the City’s roadways will be conducted and will include a data-driven crash analysis proposing safety improvements, development of a high-risk network, mitigation strategies, select local policy & practice improvements and design concepts and corridor/project recommendation. Also, an engagement program will be created to communicate internally and externally regarding the goals of the Safety Action Plan. Final documents prepared should present an actionable plan to improve the safety of all roadway users to significantly reduce or eliminate roadway fatalities and serious injuries.

The City of Everett is currently requesting a Statement of Qualifications for the development of a City of Everett Safety Action Plan.

***The City of Everett has revised the RFQ and extended the submittal date to February 14, 2024.  Responders are directed to review the Safe Streets for All RFQ document for the current version.  Check back for frequent updates on the RFQ Questions and Clarifications link for more information***