EPIC Bridge

  1. Upcoming EPIC Bridge Study work

    In December 2023, the City will perform several items of work to support the upcoming Everett Point Industrial Center (EPIC) Bridge Study. Read on...
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As a part of the Service Center Redevelopment Project, City of Everett Public Works operations staff will be relocated to a new Operations & Maintenance Center at the Everett Point Industrial Center (EPIC), where Public Works already has a materials handing area and storage yard. Planning for a bridge to this site is underway. Before this can happen, a bridge must be constructed to provide access to and from the site. The redevelopment is anticipated to be designed and constructed in the 2026-2032 timeframe. 

  1. Background
  2. Schedule

Potential locations are being considered for the Everett Point Industrial Center (EPIC) Bridge, which will provide primary access to the future Public Works Operations & Maintenance Center. A type, size and location (TS&L) study began in 2023 and is expected to take approximately one-year to complete. The results from the TS&L study will provide a conceptual design of the bridge, to be ready for future detailed design.

Visit the Service Center Redevelopment Project webpage for background on the Everett Public Works Site Selection Study.