Water Main Y Replacement Project

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This project replaces aging sections of water mains that have histories of breaks. The new water mains will ensure reliable water service to customers, lower maintenance costs and provide more capacity for fighting fires. 

Services will be replaced to the meter/within the right-of-way. Restoration will be pavement patch or concrete panel replacement, and replacement of sidewalks and curbs where removed for installation of the water main and services.  

The design is for water main replacements in several locations; construction phasing of these locations is to be determined.

  1. Locations
  2. Timeline
  • Madrona Avenue from W Mukilteo Boulevard to Seahurst Avenue
  • I-5 bridge from E Grand Avenue to 4th Street SE
  • Evergreen Way and 75th Street SE intersection
  • Beverly Lane between 74th Street SE and 76th Street SE 
  • Evergreen Way near 52nd Street SE