Beverly Lake Water Quality Retrofit

The goal of this project is to improve water quality in Beverly Lake and Pigeon Creek No. 1 by installing stormwater treatment structures along Beverly Lane and 75th Street SE. Stormwater is the water that picks up pollution as it flows over streets, parking lots and roofs. These new stormwater treatment structures will help remove pollution from the water before it enters Beverly Lake and Pigeon Creek No. 1. 

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The stormwater treatment structures will be located in two locations near Beverly Lake: 

  1. On Beverly Lane in the street and sidewalk in front of 7333 and 7301 Beverly Ln.
  2. On 75th Street SE behind the sidewalk in front of the Boardwalk Condominiums (423 75th Street SE).

This project also includes associated stormwater piping and road and sidewalk restoration after the structures are installed. Three street trees will be removed and replaced with native evergreen shrubs.