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The EnvisionEverett Committee has released its final report (PDF).

Mayor Ray Stephanson and the Everett City Council selected 22 citizen volunteers to form a Vision Committee that updated the vision report produced by a similar committee over a decade ago.

In 2005, a citizen committee identified six key areas of focus and established near- and long-term priorities for each: education, parks/art/culture, Harborfront/Riverfront, urban design, transportation, and economic development.

The 2017 Vision Committee has reviewed goals that have been accomplished, identified what remains to be done, and established new goals or action strategies that the City should pursue. The committee provided recommendations in areas such as economic development, housing, education, transportation, homelessness, crime & substance abuse, arts, culture & recreation, parks & the environment, and civic engagement.

Watch the meetings: The meetings were broadcast on the Everett Channel and are available for viewing on the City's YouTube channel.

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  • Chris Adams
  • Corissa Almli
  • Brenda Bolanos-Ivory
  • Kelly Berger
  • Sharita Burton
  • Greg Campbell
  • Hugh Denny
  • Christopher D. Elliott
  • Julie Frauenholtz
  • Ciera Graham
  • Caitlin Knox

  • Ethel T. McNeal
  • Maddy Metzger-Utt
  • Suzanne Powell
  • Roman Radchuk
  • Michael Rinner
  • Angie Sievers
  • Maria (Kika) Sleeper
  • Maria-Teresa Vicens
  • Linda War Bonnet
  • Walter White
  • Benjamin Young