Active Connections: Citywide Bicycle Wayfinding

Everett will construct 28 lane-miles of bike wayfinding on existing bike routes in 2023 to help bicyclists navigate to different parts of the City.

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The ability to navigate through a town or city is informed by landmarks, natural features, designated routes and other important destinations. Placing signs along bike routes indicating to bicyclists their direction of travel, location of destinations and the distance to those destinations will increase users’ comfort and accessibility to the bicycle network. Wayfinding signs also visually cue motorists that they are driving along a bicycle route and should expect to see bicyclists on the route.

 A citywide Bicycle Wayfinding Signage Plan identifies:

  • Sign locations along existing bicycle routes.
  • Sign type – what information should be included on each sign, such as when two bike routes intersect and where to turn to follow those routes.
  • Destinations on each sign – key destinations in Everett and nearby cities.
  • Approximate distance to each destination.

View the presentation to City Council from March 2, 2022 (presentation starts at 1:01:00).