Rethink Housing

The city continues to prioritize action on housing with the release of the Housing Development Incentives Program (HDIP). Originally highlighted as a recommendation in the 2021 Rethink Housing Action Plan, housing incentives are also part of Mayor Cassie Franklin’s 2023 Housing for All Directive.

Project Documents

Though the City of Everett has made progress in encouraging building throughout the city, the supply of housing isn’t keeping pace with the current need, let alone the anticipated future population jump. This housing shortage is also contributing to increased housing costs, which puts renters at greater risk of falling behind and becoming homeless.

The ordinance expanded the Multifamily Tax Exemption Program to all. It also includes a consideration of the effects of displacement, to ensure renter and business displacement is mitigated while needed housing is provided. Two other ordinances provide a partial reduction of water/sewer connection charges and park impact fees for projects providing permanently affordable housing for residents earning less than 60% AMI (approximately $74,900 annually for a family of four).

These incentive programs are an important first action on the Mayor’s Housing for All Directive, Initiative 1, to increase the supply of housing at all price points.