Prosperous City

Prosperous City

Mayor Cassie Franklin has directed City staff to pursue the following five initiatives:

  1. Work to establish Everett’s reputation as businesses’ first choice for a location to grow and thrive
  2. Continue significant progress on infrastructure projects to make the City of Everett more resilient, safer and future-ready
  3. Build or redevelop a stadium, amphitheater and park in Everett to provide an outdoor quality of life amenity and attract tourism spending to energize our economy
  4. Explore new and innovative opportunities available and expand existing initiatives to generate revenue for the City of Everett and/or to reduce the costs of providing municipal amenities
  5. Expand the recreational, cultural and arts offerings throughout the city, especially in historically underserved areas

Mayoral Directive: Prosperous City (PDF)

On Mar. 9, 2023, Mayor Franklin issued a mayoral directive to address the many challenges that have made it increasingly difficult to provide the amenities our residents rely on and live up to our promise of supporting the best quality of life possible.

"(A)s more people and businesses choose to locate here and our city grows, we need to be future ready – and that includes having the capacity to continue providing the essentials our residents and businesses rely on, like water, sewer and roads, as well as the lifestyle amenities that draw people in, like beautiful parks and a thriving arts and culture scene." – Mayor Franklin