Climate Action and Sustainability

Climate Action

Mayor Cassie Franklin has directed City staff to pursue the following five initiatives:

  1. Expand and restore green spaces and natural areas within the City of Everett
  2. Support citywide transition to zero-emission vehicles
  3. Reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels in city-owned buildings and facilities
  4. Improve neighborhood walkability and encourage non-motorized ways for people to get around
  5. Be a model of sustainability

Mayoral Directive: Climate Action and Sustainability (PDF)

On Mar. 9, 2023, Mayor Franklin issued a mayoral directive to address greenhouse emissions that are changing the Puget Sound region's climate in ways that threaten the vitality, livability and prosperity of Everett. 

"As one of the fastest-growing cities in the Puget Sound region, it will be especially critical for the City of Everett to curb greenhouse gas emissions. We need to take action now to achieve the greatest emissions reductions and create transformational change in a cost-effective and equitable manner. We need to promote a safe, healthy and sustainable community with building, transit and vehicles powered by clean, renewable energy, in alignment with RCW 70A.30.010, and support a thriving, local green economy." – Mayor Franklin