Fire Investigations

The Everett Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Program is under the direction of the Fire Marshal’s Office. The Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) works closely with Everett Police Department staff to form a Fire Investigation Team that brings subject matter experts together to insure the best possible outcome when conducting a fire investigation.

The Fire Investigation Program is important to the FMO, with the obvious desired outcome is to determine the cause of the fire. Fire Investigation are not only important because of our obligation to our citizens and the victims of a fire to determine the cause, but is also important for us to use the information collected during the investigation to assist in all aspects of fire prevention. The data collected through fire investigations is a key element in addressing community fire risks.

Data collected during the course of the investigation includes details of:

  • Fire ignition
  • Growth, and development
  • Building construction and its performance when exposed to fire
  • Interior finish and furnishings
  • Fire detection and suppression scenarios
  • Smoke movement and control
  • Human reaction (response) and evacuation
  • Fire-fighting and rescue
  • Fire propagation as a function of human reaction time
  • Extent of life loss, injury and property damage

The data collected over the years helps the FMO determine the focus of public education programs and also targets hazards for Fire Inspectors to look for during inspections to reduce the number of fires and there impacts to our community.

Records Requests

Records requests for fire investigation reports, please fill out a public record request. Contact the FMO at 425-257-8120 if you have any questions.