Violence Prevention and Reduction

Violence Prevention and Reduction

Mayor Cassie Franklin has directed City staff to pursue the following five initiatives:

  1. Reallocate resources to establish a violent crime unit to address and reduce violent crime in the community
  2. Develop and launch community violence prevention and response programs in partnership with community organizations
  3. Support the changes needed at all levels of government to prevent gun violence
  4. Remain a leader on pursuing firearm surrender orders via the court system
  5. Explore new and innovative sources of funding and strengthen partnerships to address violent crimes

Mayoral Directive: Violence Reduction and Prevention (PDF)

On Mar. 9, 2023, Mayor Franklin issued a mayoral directive to address the recent increase in crime throughout the city. 

"As a city, we must prioritize addressing violent crime in our community and ensure Everett residents and visitors feel safe in our city, anywhere and anytime." – Mayor Franklin