Everett State of the City: 2018-Present

SOTC priorities 2018

Each yeah, Mayor Cassie Franklin shares her goals and vision for Everett's future in her State of of the City address. This annual report unveils the City of Everett's agenda for the coming year, including policy updates, objectives and direction for city services and all City of Everett departments.

The State of the City is also a time for Mayor Franklin to reflect on all the progress that has been made in the past year. It's a time to recognize the great work that's being done throughout all City of Everett departments and around the community to improve the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors of Everett.

To see the priorities for each past year and what's in store for the year ahead, explore the State of the City options below. Each one includes a full video of the mayor's speech from that year, as well as a full text version of the speech.