Fire Marshal's Office

The mission of the Everett Fire Department’s Fire Marshal's Office (FMO) is to protect life and property by preventing fires and other emergencies before they happen. Far too often, these fires have endangered our communities by destroying businesses and homes, and worst of all, injuring or taking the lives of our fellow citizens. To combat this destruction, the Fire Marshal’s Office has put into place a comprehensive Fire Prevention Program that consists of these five aspects: Public Education, Fire Safety Inspections, New Construction Plan-review and Inspections, Operational Fire Permits, and Fire Investigations. It is our goal that, through these channels, the risks of fires and other such emergencies can be mitigated before disaster strikes.

To accomplish our goals, the Fire Marshal’s Office is comprised of a Fire Marshal, two (2) Assistant Fire Marshals, four (4) Fire Inspectors, and an Office Specialist. The Everett Fire Department makes the prevention of fires and other emergencies a high priority which all members take an active part in. Emergency crews that you see throughout our community do a great job of promoting fire prevention, educating our citizens, notifying FMO staff of concerns, and taking the primary role in the multi-family inspection program.