Green Garden, Green Home

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Spring garden classes are underway. View or download, the Green Garden, Green Home (PDF) Sign up for our Green garden, green home e-newsletter to learn seasonal garden tips, stormwater pollution prevention topics, natural pest control options and view upcoming local garden classes. Newsletter compiled by local experts with the Snohomish County Master Gardeners.

Rain washes pesticides and fertilizers off lawns and gardens into nearby storm drains and local waterways. The good news is, by making some simple changes in how we care for our lawns and gardens we can save money, save time and protect our family’s health and the environment.  

Natural yard care can be broken down into five easy steps:

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1. Build healthy soil with compost and mulch.

Growing healthy soil (PDF)

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2. Plant right for your site.

Choosing the right plants (PDF)

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3. Practice smart watering for healthier plants.

Smart watering (PDF)

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4. Think twice before applying pesticides or fertilizers.

Natural pest, weed and disease control (PDF)

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5. Practice natural lawn care.

Natural lawn care (PDF)

View or download the Natural Yard Care guide to learn how to put all five of these steps into practice. The guide also includes a seasonal calendar for each green garden step.

The City of Everett offers seasonal garden workshops. View or download the spring garden workshops. Register for all garden workshops at