Source Control Business Inspections

The Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit (Permit) requires the City of Everett to implement a program to prevent and reduce pollutants in runoff from existing businesses (publicly and privately owned institutional, commercial and industrial sites) that discharge to the City’s storm drainage system.  

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  1. Why are businesses being inspected?
  2. What is required at your business?
  3. What can I expect during an inspection?
  4. What types of businesses will be inspected?

Businesses play a significant role in preventing pollution and helping to manage stormwater. Following best management practices (BMPs) and adhering to regulations can save your business money, help protect local streams and support a positive public image.

Many businesses utilize large areas of impervious surfaces like parking lots, roads and rooftops. As rain flows across your business property it can pick up pollutants such as dirt, oil, litter, heavy metals and other pollutants resulting from activities performed outside and uncovered. The storm drainage system collects this stormwater runoff and carries it to the nearest wetland, lake or stream. The storm drainage systems are meant to carry only unpolluted stormwater to the nearest body of water. It is the responsibility of businesses to prevent pollution and release of toxic chemicals from their property and operational practices.