Revive I-5 

A WSDOT project through Everett

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will be working on northbound I‑5 in Everett near East Marine View Drive from Friday night, Jan. 20, to Monday morning, Jan. 23*, to complete the planned replacement of concrete panels on this portion of the Revive I-5 project in Everett. Northbound I-5 in Everett will be reduced to one lane near Marine View Drive. This will impact City streets. If conditions allow, WSDOT could replace some panels during the week with overnight lane reductions prior to the weekend-long work.

During these weekend-long lane reductions:

  • Everett is open for business. Traffic will be heavier than normal, but community members will still be able to get where they need to go.
  • Traffic engineers will be staffing the Traffic Management Center and will be on call to adjust signal timing or install temporary signs on barricades to restrict some residential streets to local traffic only. 
  • There will be more drivers unfamiliar with the area on City streets. Pedestrians should take care. Watch for your children and pets. 

*The concrete panel replacement work is weather dependent; scheduling is subject to change.


In fall of 2022, WSDOT replaced about 160 concrete panels on this portion of the Revive I-5 project. Cold temperatures forced their contractor to stop work before the final 40 panels could be replaced. On Jan. 12, a concrete panel popped up on northbound I-5 in Everett near Marine View Drive, blocking two lanes. WSDOT completed an emergency repair, resulting in miles-long freeway backups and heavy congestion on Everett streets. Completing the planned replacement of this aged portion of I-5 is necessary to avoid further sudden catastrophic failures that pose dangers and extreme impact to the community.

In addition to the final 40 panels that are slated for replacement as soon as possible, WSDOT will replace four expansion joints later this spring.

Stay informed

View WSDOT's news release about this weekend’s lane reductions. 

View WSDOT's construction and planning project page for detailed information on their project. 

Follow WSDOT Traffic on Twitter to stay up to date with their project.

Visit the Everett Traffic Camera page to help select your best route.

See Everett’s response plan for residents and businesses in order to be prepared for traffic impacts. 

Watch the Feb. 2, 2022 Everett City Council briefing on the I-5 concrete pavement and bridge joint replacement project. Their presentation slides can be found here