Water & energy

Using less water and energy – and using it more efficiently – are ways we can reduce waste and protect natural resources for years to come. The City of Everett supplies water to nearly 650,000 homes and businesses in Snohomish County. We provide conservation tips and resources and encourage everyone to use water as efficiently as possible to help stretch our supply for current and future generations. We also encourage community members to take advantage of energy-saving opportunities through our local electric and natural gas utilities, which both offer rebates and programs to help use less energy more efficiently – and also save money. The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act provides additional credits and rebates for a range of clean energy actions. 

Fall in Everett over the Snohomish River


Plastic is everywhere – and also very harmful to the environment. Producing plastic requires an enormous amount of energy and resources, and so much plastic ends up in landfills and waterways. Plastic waste is not only pollution, but also a concerning source of harmful chemicals and toxins that leech into soil and water, posing risks to plants and animals, and even people. You can make a difference by avoiding single-use plastics when you can, using reusable water bottles and containers, recycling at your home and workplace, bringing your own bag when shopping, and picking up litter. The City of Everett provides support to schools, businesses and residences to increase opportunities for recycling and reducing the amount of recycling contamination.