Become a CHIP Contractor

CHIP - remodeling contractors wanted

General contractors wanted for remodeling: 

Everett's Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) maintains a roster of qualified contractors to bid on housing rehabilitation jobs within the city limits of Everett. We're seeking smaller independent remodeling contractors, sole proprietors, and the like, that consist of approximately 1 to 5 employees. Single-family home projects range from $10,000 to $100,000. Repairs include foundations to roofs, and everything in between.

Required qualifications

  • Washington State licensed, bonded, insured, general contractor
  • Must have, or can obtain, a City of Everett business license
  • Must have had a general contractors license for at least one year
  • Must have completed at least three residential remodel projects within the last two years in the Puget Sound region: minimum project size of $10k and at least one project over $35k 
  • Must be able to prepare and submit competitively priced bids
  • NOTE: CHIP does not maintain a list of specialty sub-contractors and will not accept applications unless you are a general remodeling contractor. 

Request an application: Call the CHIP office at (425) 257-8735 or email

The City of Everett is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Section 3 and WMBE are encouraged to apply.