Stormwater Management Action Plan (Plan)

  1. Stormwater Management Action Plan - virtual public meeting Oct. 24-30

    Attend a virtual public meeting Oct. 24-30 and help protect and improve receiving waters in the North Creek basin. Read on...
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Storm drain and wetlands

The City of Everett is making the commitment to clean water, and we need your help!

Everett and over 80 other cities and counties in Western Washington are developing plans to address pollution in stormwater runoff from streets, homes and businesses. Please see the Stormwater Program section of our Surface & Stormwater page for background on these plans. 

The goal of the Stormwater Management Action Plan (Plan) is to identify actions that will protect the water quality of streams and wetlands. The Plan will include ways to take care of existing stormwater problems and protect and improve receiving water conditions as more people move into the area. This Plan will be prepared for North Creek.

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Over the course of the next year, you can help prioritize and shape the plan. Your input is important to the success of Everett’s Stormwater Management Action Plan. Visit this storymap link or click the image above to learn more and provide comments.

The Everett City Council received a briefing about Everett's Stormwater Management Action Plan on June 8, 2022. Visit the City Council archive to view the recording of this briefing.

Contact Heather Griffin, Surface Water Manager at or 425-257-7206 if you have any questions.