Community Streets Initiative

At the direction of Mayor Stephanson, the City convened a task force of community members, business owners and service providers in July 2014 to focus on street-level social issues in Everett's urban cores and develop recommendations that could be implemented by the community. The task force released their final report and recommendations in November 2014.  

Task Force Mission

In order to foster a vibrant and healthy community, the task force will seek to better understand the street-level social issues in Everett’s commercial-core areas and identify potential short- and long-term actions for the community to address those issues.
Task Force Members
  • Chris Adams, Adams and Duncan Law
  • Sylvia Anderson, Everett Gospel Mission
  • Jonathan Apuan, Salvation Army
  • Glen Bachman, Everett Mall
  • Sophia Beltran, Lutheran Community Services Northwest Family Support Centers in Everett
  • Flora Diaz, O'Loane Nunn Law Group
  • Bob Dobler, Gamut360 Holdings
  • Alan Dorway, First Presbyterian Church
  • Megan Dunn, Human Needs Advisory Committee
  • Cassie Franklin, Cocoon House
  • Linda Grant, Evergreen Manor
  • GeorgaDee MacLeod, Council of Neighborhoods
  • Mark Mantei, Everett Clinic

  • Mark Nysether, Sea-Dog Corporation
  • Ed Petersen, HopeWorks
  • Renee Quistorf, Renee's
  • Bob Reese, Volunteers of America
  • Marilyn Rosenberg, Cafe Zippy
  • Matthew Savage, Journey Church
  • Tom Sebastian, Compass Mental Health
  • Craig Skotdal, Skotdal Real Estate
  • Joyce Stewart, Everett School District
  • Julie Zarn, Providence Regional Medical Center
City and County Representatives
  • Bob Downey, Asst. Fire Chief, Everett
  • David Hall, Deputy City Attorney, Everett
  • Deborah Wright, Executive Director, Neighborhoods & Community Services
  • Dan Templeman, Chief of Police, Everett
  • Ken Stark, Director of Human Services Division, Snohomish County
  • Ty Trenary, Snohomish County Sheriff