Project timeline

Everett's comprehensive plan update is a multi-year project to be completed and adopted by Everett City Council in 2024 and sent to the Washington State Department of Commerce and the Puget Sound Regional Council by mid-2024. Throughout the different phases of the project, community members are encouraged to learn about the project through the Story Map and provide feedback to help build the future of Everett. Check back here for timeline updates, and visit our Get Involved page to find opportunities to join the conversation.

Everett 2044 phase 1

Scoping supports the project’s overall planning, public involvement, and local environmental approach. It provides an opportunity for the community to learn about and provide comments on the project as it begins, including the draft purpose and need, potential alternatives, and environmental resources to evaluate in the environmental impact statement (EIS).

  • Feb. 17, 2022: A scoping notice is sent out to the community
  • March 1, 2022: Planning Commission Public Hearing on the scoping notice  
  • March 3 &10, 2022: Public scoping meetings are held to discuss the project and gather feedback from the community
  • March-April 2022: Scoping comments are made available at
    • Comments will be considered and help to define the scope of the EIS and inform the related technical analyses and environmental resources to be evaluated

Everett 2044 phase 2

Phase II of the periodic update project is a process where alternatives are drafted using public comments during the scoping, policy guidance, criteria, and required plan changes to establish potential growth scenarios for an environmental impact study.

  • Dec. 17, 2022: First in-person public Open House
  • January 9, 2023: Second in-person public Open House

Everett 2044 phase 3

Phase three includes issuing draft growth alternatives and draft environmental impact analysis, as well as seeking public input.

Everett 2044 phase 4

In phase four, staff draft the plan update with preferred growth alternatives and the environmental impact statement.

Everett 2044 phase 5

Phase five begins the adoption process for the Planning Commission and City Council to adopt the final draft of the comprehensive plan update. 

Everett 2044 timeline