Active Connections: Madison Street

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This project built buffered bike lanes along the curb of both sides of Madison Street as a part of the 2023 street resurfacing project. Everett chose a design that improves bicyclist safety, maintains most on-street parking, provides traffic-calming effects and maintains vehicle capacity.

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The goal of this project was to make it safer and more comfortable to bike on Madison, connecting bicyclists to the Interurban Trail, the upcoming Fleming Bicycle Corridor, residential neighborhoods, bus routes and services on Evergreen Way and the southwest Everett manufacturing and industrial center. Building buffered bike lanes make Madison a safer, more comfortable bike facility, creating a transportation connection that accommodates a wide range of abilities, confidence and comfort levels of bicyclists. Buffered bike lanes are conventional bikes lanes that have a designated buffer space separating the bike lane from the adjacent motor vehicle travel lane. The buffer includes pavement markings to discourage motor vehicles from encroaching into the bike lane.